Best Quality Rice

Daawat Sella Kainat

Volume: 20kg

Basmati Rice

Volume: 10kg

Sella Pure Gold

Volume: 10kg

Jal Pari Adhwar khusbodar

Volume: 40kg We applaud their efforts, but you don’t have to commit to dumpster-diving to live a foraging-friendly lifestyle....

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About Us

We purchase finished goods from mills and refurbish them for the benefits of our consumers. We founded our company five years ago and continuously enhanced our product to ensure that consumers receive premium quality products. Now, we are a market leader in the rice industry, offering superior quality products.

Our Mission

Food items that are novel and innovative, appealing to both domestic and international palates.

Our Vision

To grow into a global food company known for innovation and to serve our customers with high-quality products.